I’m a non-binary material scientist, trained Chemistry teacher and science communicator.

I want to make a difference by teaching science that everyone can understand.

You can find me on most active on Twitter.

I’m available for work! I’m good at…

Teaching Science at KS3 and 4, and Chemistry at KS5
Technical Writing and Editing
Science Communication and Interviews
Materials Science, Chemistry and Education Research
Event Organisation
Role-Playing Game Editing and Play Testing


  • PGCE in Secondary Chemistry at King’s College London (2021-22)
    • Winner of the John Adamson Prize, awarded every year to one PGCE candidate who excels in both theory and practice of teaching.
    • Range of teaching experience at KS3, 4 and 5 in two contrasting placement schools.
    • Education research experience in multiple contexts, reviewing SEND provisions, PSHE for trans and non-binary students, and teaching and learning strategies.
  • MSci Chemistry at UCL (2017-2021) – First Class
    • 2020-21Research project: ‘Investigating the Behaviour of the Laumontite – Yugawaralite – Wairakite System Under Pressure’ with Dr. Dewi Lewis
      • Poster of this research presented at FEZA 2021, 5-9 July 2021
    • 2019-2020 Chemical Literature Review: ‘Can the Mott Transition be used to prove the existence of Quantum Spin Liquids?’
    • Technical writer in multiple disciplines, with work about complex physics, computing and bioinspired materials
    • Confident speaker, with multiple presentations given about research undertaken, both to other students and to academics.
    • Self-motivated, completing a complex Master’s degree to a first-class standard during a global pandemic.
    • Pastoral experience, working as a secondary form tutor in multiple groups and attending Parents’ Evenings.


  • President (20-21) and Role-Playing Games Officer (19-20) UCL Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society
    • Project manager for a complete redesign of UCL SFFS’s online presence including website, Discord, Instagram and branding.
    • Team leader and event manager for multiple week-long festivals, hosting multiple workshops and watch parties.
    • Organised, handling 50+ people playing Dungeons and Dragons simultaneously during Fresher’s Season 2020.
    • Motivated, forging an alliance of niche UCL societies in the Niche Societies Network and maintaining the society’s membership through a global pandemic.